The Daily Life of Johan

07/06/2015 by Morgan Carlsson


Johan is just gazing, finds new paths around Höljes and stretches his braking spots.

"I haven't had much parental leave yet, and just changed one napkin this week, but I stay at home when I can and go to the garage when I need to. I just long to go home and meet the little one. It's not that you can play with him yet, but I just sit there watching him sleep. I have never felt like that before, a strange feeling. We have decided on his name now. He will be called Colin - from McRae of course. Colin Björn Kristoffersson, Björn after Zandra's dad."

You had to make do without Colin this Tuesday when you had a test day in Höljes.

"We tested motor developments with Tord's and Ole Christian's cars. Some new things needed trying and you could say that we have to make more adjustments. In that sense it was more of a test for the long-term than something that gives immediate effect. We also tested different springs, something I have talked about. Overall it was a good test. Every time you're out there you gain experience. The Höljes track is always in good shape och this time I was able to try new ideas, due to the behaviour of our new car. By the way, there were more drivers up there, Petter, Robin and Ramona."

Despite all your exciting driving in the World RX you still reached some kind of highlight of your career in Carrera Cup at Anderstorp last weekend.

"That was a real 'overtaking party', a total of 30 overtakings in the two races."

A double victory from the end of the line, incredible.

"But still going off during qualification is what annoys me. We had the information about oil on the track, so I knew it was there, but I didn't see it. On the first lap I went behind Mangs, without any problem, but then I left him a gap to be able to drive the way I want to. There were two different types of asphalt and I didn't see the oil spot on the dark part. Right front locked and that was it. Towing took time so I knew qualifying was over.

So what was the plan from your position at the back.

"Taking the car to the finish line without any big damages on the car and to reach as high a position as possible. The sight was limited in the rain so I didn't want to put my nose into the corners without being sure about the others having noticed me. But you also want to advance so that's a difficult balance. Still I reached the lead with four laps to go. I think me being more comfortable on wet surface made it possible.

In the second race you needed more time.

"That's how I felt as well, so I thought it would be difficult. I knew I forced my tyres and that it might be difficult in the end. But the ones complaining about bad tyres in the end were those who had been least cautious about their tyres. I tried to cool mine as much as possible and I think it went well. Still it was an achievement that took 100 % of my capacity. I really needed to stretch my braking spots as much as possible. I was too hard on the brakes once but that was because the gear shift paddle stuck. It took about a second to get it going again. That's a lot of time in a situation like that. To summarize I think four factors were vital for my two victories: 1) a perfect set-up to my car, 2) Anderstorp is a wide track where it's difficult to drive defensively, 3) the rain, which I like, 4) the driver has to be quick as well.

Two ambitious efforts giving you two victories.

"I usually have what I call a 'racing hang-over' the day after a race, but now I was very off, both Sunday and Monday. And after Höljes I fell asleep on my sofa at eight o'clock in the evening."

No racing this weekend will be fine then?

"First weekend for six weeks at home. I will do just nothing. On Tuesday and Wednesday it's time to meet our partners and dealers at Malmby."




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