The Daily Life of Johan

01/07/2015 by Morgan Carlsson


Johan stays with his routines, puts his nose in and celebrates his grandma.

"I try not to look forward to Höljes so much this time. Twice I have been there with high expectations and it hasn't worked at all. I haven't been given a fair chance to prove to myself what I can achieve there. I wouldn't like to be that disappointed again. One difference now is that we do the whole series. The years before Höljes has been the highlight of the season. Now I have already done a couple of races and if it doesn't work this weekend there will soon be another race. It's a new way of thinking. But of course you want to win in Höljes. Everybody wants that. Obviously most of us are prepared to take a bigger risk to win."

It's another type of circuit than Estering.

The big difference is that you can go past people in several places and with some help from the joker lap. It's a track where you can gain time if you do it right. The big jump is a bonus as well. But like in Buxtehude the first corner is adventurous. A lot of things can happen there."

The previous years you have left the big party in Höljes at night to stay at a hotel, but now you remain in the paddock all weekend.

"I will sleep in our bus. Then I will have the same set of routines like the other races this year. There are several advantages. You can sleep an hour extra in the morning, you can go to bed whenever you like and you don't forget things in the hotel. Yes, there will be more people around, and a lot of guys you know, but if I need to be on my own I just make sure I can. I also like taking a walk on 'the street of happiness' in Höljes, talking to people."

And the weather forecast says shiny summer weather but maybe a bit of rain on Sunday afternoon.

"It looks like that, but it's very uncertain. By the way, I have my own theory about weather. The forecast might say one thing but then the weather can change due to all the people. Who knows, if 40 000 people invade the small village of Höljes that might change the weather as well, ha-ha."

Your self-confidence is on a high following another two great victories in Carrera Cup last week, at Mantorp.

"As expected the qualification was very tight. That couldn't be avoided considering the fact that the track was only 1.8 kilometres. In the first heat I got the best start I have made since Göteborg 2011. I left the others and when Jocke and Robin were fighting the gap increased."

The second heat wasn't that easy, when you went on the outside of Mangs.

"I got off to a good start but couldn't make it the whole way to the front. I couldn't stop myself from trying even though I knew what was coming up. In the pick-up there is absolutely no grip at all and the chance of gaining one spot instead of losing one was like 30 to 70."

From the third position you had to work hard to close the gap on the others.

"I had some problems until the temperature of the tyres was good enough, but after six laps I had a good view. I even said on the radio that 'things will soon happen'. The tyres are good but you can't afford doing flat spots. When Robin retired I thought the gap between me and Jocke was too big. But when we had to pass a couple of other cars he was hindered more than me so I closed the gap quickly. When he was too late on the brakes I just put my nose in."

And then you had the weekend off.

"We went to the mansion at Dömle to celebrate my grandmother who has turned 80. There were quite many relatives. We don't meet very often, to say it mildly. Grandmother was just back from having driven a camper on Gotland. She is really incredible."

Other things to report?

"I have new race shoes for Höljes. I need to wear them in advance so that they will fit well. I also notice that I am very tired, very often. One morning the alarm-clock rang constantly between 6:20 and 6:59 without me waking up, ha-ha."



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