The Daily Life of Johan

13/11/2015 by Morgan Carlsson


Johan meets visitors, analyses cross country skiing and is discussing sons.

”There wasn’t much spare time during the weekend in Stockholm. On Friday we were bringing the cars into the Monster Jam area and as the organizers were American, the safety level was very high, close to fingerprints and eye scanner before you could enter the arena. On Saturday we were there all day from morning until evening. As we were down in the culverts I didn’t see very much of the show in the arena. We had quite many visitors by us and many people that I was familiar with. Those who are into motorsports attend these events, whether it’s STCC, rallycross or Monster Jam. On Saturday evening we had time for a family dinner and on Sunday we took a walk in the city before we went home.”

Within rallycross news has been spread about Tomas Bryntesson replacing PG Andersson in Marklund Motorsport for Argentina.

”Great fun. I have not seen very much of him, but you can see that he has a feeling for driving. For him it’s no disadvantage that the track in Argentine is new to us all.

Bryntesson has, just like you, a background as a top skier. It doesn’t sound very logical, but what is it with cross country skiing and rallycross?

”One thing can be that you are aware of all the work you have to put in to reach where you want to. As a cross crountry skier you are prepared to suffer from all the work that has to be done to succeed. That’s what I have brought to motorsport, where I analyse a lot och put effort and time into preparations before a race. You can’t win without proper preparation. Cross country skiing is very seldom about luck. You don’t win 90 km of skiing in Vasaloppet just by coincidence, ha-ha.”

PG said, when he handed over his seat, that he wanted to give Tomas the opportunity, a person who, just like himself, has had to fight hard to build his own career. Elsewhere within rallycross there are many sons in family teams. Is it easier for you who have got in your blood and tradition?”

”It’s a fact that we are many sons in this sport. And sure, some of us have very good conditions. But it’s all about achievement. Sponsors are not willing to pay for the sons if they don’t deliver results. You have to earn your place. And Oliver, Kevin, Timmy, Robin for example are not that useless drivers. I also think that rallycross has, for a long time, been quite a small sport, but has now grown a lot and these parents are experienced, which means that we don’t have to make the same mistakes as they did. This allows us a fast development. You can also look at it from another point of view. I guess most people would say that Villeneuve is quite a good driver but when he entered the world rallycross he was beaten by all the sons. So then, was he given the seat in rallycross just because he has won the Formula 1 championship? And this phenomena is not unique for rallycross. In football most people are given the chance to impress, but still a guy like Tobias Hysén reached top level and I don’t think that was just because his father’s name is Glenn. He had to do the job on his own.”

Next season, all these sons within rallycross can be viewed on Swedish state television, SVT.

”That’s really really good. Good for us and good for the sport. People don’t have to be that active to find the broadcasting, so we can reach a new audience. It’s also easier to speak to sponsors when we are on a big channel.”

A fortnight left before the last race and you take the chance of being a bit ill.

”I have an infection in my left ear. There is no need for antibiotics but I got some fluid medicine. I’m in constant pain and my sense of balance is really bad right now. I won’t practice tightrope right now, because I dont’ think I would be given a fair chance, ha-ha. When you feel like this you really appreciate when you are not in pain.”

Good for you that it’s not the most busy period in the garage.

”But there are things to do. We are cleaning up, and not only in the middle of the floor but all the way to the walls. We are also ridding outside, before the snow arrives.”

And what did Colin give you for Father’s Day?

”A deodorant. And a cap.”




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