The Daily Life of Johan

22/11/2015 by Morgan Carlsson


Johan goes south, enjoys a cake and is on the air.

”On Tuesday the plane leaves for Argentina, close to a 20 hour jorney via Amsterdam. But we must be heading very much south because the difference in time zones is only four hours. We will arrive well in time so that won’t be a problem anyway. It’s been a long time since we saw our cars. I hope they haven’t become rusty in the container, ha-ha.”

What do you know about the track and the conditions down there?

”It looks like a fast track, at least the tarmac parts, but as usual it’s difficult to judge from an overview on the internet. But I like the idea of a fast track.”

The joker lap is in the later part of the track and ends up at the finish line.

”That’s interesting. The minus is that you can’t use the joker lap as a makeshift solution, so you might have to go one lap behind slower cars. To avoid the problem you have to be fastest in the start, simple as that.”

19 supercars in the line-up.

”Yes, and some of the drivers are new. Kevin Hansen is going to be there. I hope he doesn’t push Petter off the track. That could become a bit emotionally loaded. For me I think it would be awesome to finish off with a victory, just like I started the season. But apart from that, my aim is obviously to keep third spot in the championship. Of course, its important to gather points in the qualification and hopefully grab a spot in the semifinal. Andreas, on his behalf, must have a really good weekend to reach me. After the race we will stay to get our things together and when everything is down in the harbour, me and my mechanics will get a day and a half in Buenos Aires before we go home.”

Last weekend your team mate Ole Christian brought a junior world championship medal from Wales.

”That was really well done. It’s not an easy rally to win over there. By the way, Ole was here in the garage the other day so we had some cake to celebrate.”

And other activities.

”A radio channel for Värmland was here on Friday, and interviewed me about what’s coming up. I have also done a lot of physical exercise. l’m doing really well now. On Friday we played ice hockey, me, Mackan, Piotrek and Bart. You know, Sweden versus Poland in ice hockey: things can only end one way then, ha-ha.”




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