The Daily Life of Johan

15/10/2015 by Morgan Carlsson

Johan is hoping for more folkrace, sticks to estate cars and neither looks back nor forward.

”My folkrace car delivered good starts, but the funny part ended after only 60 metres in the first heat. The gear box crashed so I couldn’t use first or second gear, but made my way around on third gear.  In the second heat I had clutch problems, but managed to finish third and at least forced the black flag for two other drivers.”

The judges were quite tough in the NGK race, many disqualifications.

”Indeed. Even Timmy got a black flag. I doubt he has ever been punished with that before so I think he had to ask the judges what it meant, ha-ha.”

As expected you and the rest of the rallycross drivers were not successful. You had to let Tobbe Svärd through in the third race.

”It wasn’t easy driving that rear wheel driven car, heavy at the back as well. The turns were not divine, so to speak, and in that situation I couldn’t make it skid, being a bit too passive. When I saw him on the inside I knew that he had two first places before that. I didn’t want to ruin his day. Otherwise I would have given him a knock, just to stop him, ha-ha.”

In the celebrities’ race you were heading for the victory, but couldn’t make it there either.

”I had a big lead but then the drive shaft collapsed. But despite this I would like to try folkrace again. It was a nice concept and Wall’s team were very professional with nice routines and the car felt really good. Yes, some parts broke, but such things happen.”

It was suitable that you were driving a Volvo 245, now that you have switched to an estate car in your private life as well.

”Yes, this week I got my new Passat Estate, a 4-wheel driven diesel with 240 hp. A very nice car and after the first 110 kilometres I find it really really good.”

But your work space this weekend will be a smaller version of VW, your Polo-Asta… And you liked the track in Italy last year.

”Yes, there’s a good flow in it, but they have rebuilt it since last year, cutting the part after the second jump, which I feel a bit sorry for. The first corner is a bit tricky, with a fence to the left, and a fence straight forward. In between there is an opening of about ten metres, where five cars are supposed to get through at the same time.”

You have Timmy ahead - and out of sight? - in the championship, and Bakkerud and Jeanney chasing behind trying to grab your third place. What are your thoughts?

”I neither look forward, nor back, to be honest. I know that if we just keep going, using our concept ultimately that will be enough to keep third place in the championship. That feels good. After Spain and Turkey, we are in a good mode.”

You cars and bus have been in southern Europe quite some time now. That means you will go by plane to Italy, but there is some stuff in your bags.

”Yes, last time we had to pay extra, carrying too much weight on the flight, too much food to be precise. Now we will bring pasta and tomato sauce to Italy, which might sound a bit strange, ha-ha. But it’s hard to find time for shopping when we got down there so this is the most effective way to do it. The mechanics are already down there, and those boys will be hungry when we get there.”