A fight for every meter and every point

09/08/2015 by Zandra Björkholtz


As the dust settles on Villeneuve stadium Volkswagen Team Sweden summing up a weekend where they had fight for every meter and every point. After a tough start to the weekend where the team immediately came across as big technical problems that Tord Linnerud had to withdraw from the race.

-With Limited possibilities to carry with us the full stock of spare parts, we did not have parts for both cars why Tord referring to Johan's position in the championship gentlemanly set parts from his car to Johan's disposal, says Team Principal Tommy Kristoffersson.
With the fact of less part, we are forced involuntarily to a defensive action which is never easy in an aggressive sport as Rallycross continues Tommy.

-We had definitely more "pace" than the result shows, but for various reasons we ended up mostly in the wrong positions, and most went away from us instead of dissolving itself in our favor. The fact is that right now after the finish you just want to put this weekend behind and look forward to next race. But I think that after a deeper analyze there is absolutely very good things we can take with us to Norway in 14 days, concludes Johan Kristoffersson.