Kristoffersson is leaving Hockenheim as Runner up

03/05/2015 by Per Andersson

Volkswagen Team Sweden is leaving Hockenheimring, still holding second position in the Championship.

Both Polo drivers Kristoffersson and Linnerud started the weekend at Hockenhemring with an impressing 1 and 3 position in the opening Qualifying Heat. In the second heat, both drivers struggled from Punctures, loosing important points in the Qualifying. In the Third heat Johan and Tord was back in order with a second and eight time. The Qualifying was finalised by dramatic moments to both drivers, crashing out after being hit and spun.

In the Semi-final, Johan was turning in to the first corner in second position, following Ford driver Reinis Nitiss, when he was pushed from behind. After the incident Kristoffersson had a tight battle to re gain third position, but never managed to strike back.

Petter Solberg won the Final and gained some points to runner up Volkswagen driver Kristoffersson. In the team championship Volkswagen Team Sweden improved from 5:th to 4:th position overall as Linnerud made it to the Semi-final. Linnerud reached the Finish line as forth and got his best result so far in the Championship.

Team Manager Tommy Kristoffersson summarize the weekend: 
- “Yet another time, we are proving that we belongs in the top, but this weekend we did not manage to go all the way after to many circumstances. During every outing we where challenging for the top position and we proved that we have the capacity to win and we are happy to leave Hockenheim as runner up in the Championship. Despite difficulties during the weekend, we managed to get enough points to stay second in the Drivers Championship and to gain one position in the Team Championship”, says Tommy.

Now the team is on their way back to Sweden for Service before the World Championship continuous in Belgium in two weeks.


Drivers Championship

1. Petter Solberg,
2. Johan Kristoffersson
3. Andreas Bakkerud


Team Championship

1. Team Standings:
2. Ford Olsbergs MSE
4. Peugeot Hansen 
5. Volkswagen Team Sweden