P3 for Linnerud after Day 1

20/06/2015 by Per Andersson

Rain has been forecasted for the Weekend in Buxtehude, Germany, but during the opening day, the race could be held in dry conditions.

After the opening Day, Tord Linnerud scored his best result for the season. After starting with a disaster in Practise when the Norwegian Volkswagen Driver Rolled his Polo on the Roof, he really made a great recovery in the Heats. Ending P6 in the first Heat and P2 overall in the second heat, Linnerud could go to sleep with a healthy 3:rd position overall, his best result for the season.

Championship Runner-up Johan Kristoffersson, started the Day with P2 in the first Heat and was holding P2 speed in the second Heat when he had a spin in the last corner to finish P7 overall after Day 1 

In the European Championship, Young Ole-Christian Veiby is making his second event for the season, and after the initial two heats he is Holding P4 overall, in front of Championship leader Jerome Grosset-Janin after a great drive in Qualifying.

A great day for Volkswagen Team Sweden!

Intermediate classification after Day 1 in WRX
1. Davy Jeanney
2. Reinis Nitiss
3. Tord Linnerud
4. Petter Solberg
5. Andreas Bakkerud
7. Johan Kristoffersson 

Intermediate classification after Day 1 in ERX


1. Tommy Rustad
2. Jean-Baptist Dubourg
3. Frode Holte

4. Ole-Christian Veiby