Prepared for Canada!

06/08/2015 by Per Andersson

Volkswagen Dealer Team had a few days to get charged for the 7th round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship after having landed on Canadian soil, close to Montreal, late Tuesday night.

The track at Trois-Riviéres has been inspected by Drivers and engineers, and they all seems happy.

- “The track has got a long start straight where the Grid position is not as important as it use to be. It is great fun and challenging with a new track, even though we are suffering from lack of experience as most of our competitors where here last year. Now we need to find the key to this track as early as possible”, says Johan Kristoffersson

The target is clear, to collect as many points as possible to be able to decrease the gap to Petter Solberg and to increase the gap towards chasing group of drivers.

Tord Linnerud is looking forward to the restart and the second half of the season.

- “I am looking forward to the second half of the season, and I am brings great moments from the spring season where I have been fast and fighting for the top positions. I believe that Finals as well as podiums is a realistic goal”, says Tord Linnerud.

The 11 man strong Volkswagen Team have implemented the latest updates of the Polo R WRX.
- “We have been working at some minor adjustments during the summer break, adjustments that I believe the drivers will like. We also have additional updates coming, but we are awaiting some key components before they will be fully implemented, tells Per Johansson”, engine engineer from Trollspeed.

- “This tracks special character with long high speed tarmac parts, mixed with slow gravel parts and jumps is very demanding for the suspension, and we have to find the ideal compromise. We are always challenged by the mixed conditions where the car has to be fast in the start, perform like a racing car at the tarmac and like a Rally car at the gravel. It is this challenge to work  together with the drivers to find the best compromise that makes this job so inspiring and interesting”, says Mikael Gustavsson from Reiger suspension.

Rumours from “over there” is telling that both Johan and Tord has been spotted in training suits on the way to the Hotel fitness center,  however according to unknown sources, Tord turned around for the relax area swimming pool at the very last moment…

Any how it is two supercharged Volkswagen Team Sweden drivers that on Friday at 22.00 Swedish time is releasing the clutch in this weekend's first round.