The Daily Life of Johan

19/06/2015 by Morgan Carlsson


Johan has a speech day, believes in a hazardous race and eats this year's herring.

"I was at my former upper secondary school, Stjerneskolan in Torsby, last week to hold a speech at their graduation. It felt like about 1 000 people attending the arena. I didn't expect that but it was fun. It wasn't exactly like standing in the parliament trying to convince people about a budget or something. I talked about what I'm doing today and that we have four mechanics who have all studied at that school and that are now with us in the World Championship. It was nice coming back there, a bit of nostalgia. And I had a soft ice cream as well. Ice cream is great!"

At home work has progressed preparing the cars for Buxtehude.

"We had a shakedown at the airport before we left, just to make sure everything works. Something we have really learnt is the importance of shakedowns with cars like this. There are always one thing or another to take care of and you feel better prepared if everything is sorted out."

On Thursday you arrived at Estering in Buxtehude, a track where you raced last year.

"A nice trip. We only had 130 km left when we got off the ferry. I have noticed there is new asphalt in the paddock but the track seems to be the same even though I haven't been out there yet. To be honest it's not a circuit I like very much. The first corner is hazardous and can turn out to be fatal. That one is difficult no matter how you do, and in the other parts it's difficult to attack. The joker is very narrow. It's hard to play safe here, but I will do my very best to secure as many points as possible. The weather forecasts differ so it's hard to tell how it's going to be but I hope for classical Swedish midsummer weather: rain that is...

Yes, celebrating the Swedish midsummer tradition in a paddock in Germany, where habits are a bit different.

"At least we have bought some herring, I think. That's not my favourite, but once a year it works. The 'nubbe', a spiritous drink, however, I have to skip this time. Friday is a day in the paddock. Even though our tent is up, there are several small things to take care of.

And your mechanics wearing traditional crowns of flowers?

"They should! Of course, they are optimizing the cars every minute the have. Myself, I'm planning to do some running, maybe around the track."



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