The Daily Life of Johan

03/09/2015 by Morgan Carlsson


Johan likes Monopoly, senses unfaithfulness and recharges the batteries.

”After our last chat I went to a Bauhaus event in Stockholm. 200 guests on the list and some others who passed by got the chance to try a computer game. They were supposed to beat my best resultat, but no one managed that, not even I. The winner got a trip to Trieste and the race in Italy. Second to fifth were awarded with a kit from Bosch, valued at 13.000 Swedish crowns. That was so good I wished I could end up in one of those positions myself, ha-ha.”

And back in Arvika you had a weekend at home.

”Sunday dinner with the family on the boat. The weather was awesome. And we played a game of Monopoly, with my sister and Daniel. Of course, I won. I like Monopoly because the rules are not so strict. You can make deals with your opponents, making it sound as good as possible, even though it’s not. I have become such a nerd lately that I know the value of all the streets by heart. I like parlour games, much more socializing than just sitting on the sofa, staring at your mobile phone all the time.”

But playing against your sister is often hazardous, as you are very determined to win, both of you.

”I saw her posting on Instagram, saying I had won, by cheating. Ha-ha, how is it possible to cheat in Monopoly?”

You might bring that game of Monopoly to France?

”I don’t think so. Our mechanics are far too restless. I would like to see Olle Berg just sitting the length of a game of Monopoly. Unthinkable, ha-ha.”

You have been working in several ways to improve ahead of Lohéac, with its enormous crowd.

”Olle and Andreas have been at Trollspeed for a couple of days, working on our updates. There is a rumour saying that someone else than me has made a flying start with my car, but I don’t know who. Asta has been cheating on me apparently…”

But hopefully you can see the result of that on your lap times.

”Now we have made some updates that we have desired for a while. On top of that the other improvements we have made earlier will benefit from this work as well.”

Time for some fast racing type of tracks.

”I haven’t been at Lohéac before, but it looks like the average speed is high. And the gravel parts are put on concrete, so late Sunday afternoon it will probably feel like a complete racing circuit. We have looked at how we set the car up in Italy last year, where we were fast enough. We don’t have that big experience from the tracks of racing character with this car, but quite many in the team come from the world of racing so I think we will adjust quickly.”

You have talked about taking bigger risks for the rest of the season.

”From the last races you can see that the heat is on. Especially from the semi-finals and on it’s much tougher, but taking risks is not only about putting your nose into close situations. You can also act tougher in the joker lap and maybe adjust the starting set-up with a bigger risk for a stall. But above all you need to have speed. It’s not easy to perform wizardry.”

The cars left Arvika in the beginning of the week, after that the mechanics and you will catch a flight on Friday morning. You all seem to be up to it.

”We have recharged our batteries, so to speak, considering what happened last time, ha-ha.”



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