The Daily Life of Johan

24/09/2015 by Morgan Carlsson


Johan opens a new door, summarizes his opponents and is closing himself.

”I am very satisfied with the Barcelona weekend, even though you don’t feel very happy not having won when crossing the finish line. It felt like we opened a new door for our development of the car, which made Asta behave exactly like I want her on the track. Setting the fastest lap with a margin of fourth tenths of a second is awesome. But the first two qualifying heats were not perfect. I didn’t let the car do the job, couldn’t relax and didn’t trust it to be fast enough. In the third session I was the fastest, having been second behind Tanner from the start and then taking the joker on the second lap to be able to pass him later on.”

And the semi-final felt like a walk in the park.

”Yes, having made it through the first corner I felt that everything would be alright. I had good speed, even though it wasn’t maximum attack on the last laps. In the final I was on the outside of Timmy and he was very keen to keep me there. I think me and Timmy did exactly what was expected from us in that situation, allowing Petter to come on the inside though. Later on our strategy with the joker worked well so I could get past Timmy. It felt like they were focused on reaching Petter, forgetting me. To summarize it was a good weekend where we had the whole package, a good practice, fast lap times, good qualifying rounds and received lots of points.”

You’re heading south this weekend as well, but only as far as Skåne, for the final Carrera Cup at Knutstorp.

”Im’ really longing for ’Knutan’, having done so the whole season. It is a real nice track, especially with the Porsche. There are two more races to be won and first of all I need a good qualification. But we have two good sets of tyres left from Solvalla. They were never really heated. As usual it will be tough, but it’s good to know that even if Oscar Palm and Jocke Mangs put their points together I’m still six points ahead, ha-ha.”

Full focus inside your helmet. You’re one of the drivers with a full face helmet while some of the others have open helmets. Why is that?

”Petter has an open helmet and Jeanney has one with a shade, like a cap. Timmy had a closed helmet at first, but changed to an open one for 2014. I guess the drivers with open helmets think they get a wider visual field. I would never use one of those. I feel more safe in a full face helmet. Some say it doesn’t matter because we sit in covered cars but I have seen more that one crash when things come flying into the car. As our necks are tied I also think that a closed helmet is more solid in a crash. Normally an open helmet would be torn to its sides when the impact is big.”

And in the starting position Timmy goes about with giant roars while you stay very calm.

”Everyone has their own way. I’m his total opposite and want to shut myself up and sit in a relaxed position.”

A couple of days at home between the races. Have you been doing any physical exercise?

”Far too little. All the travelling is more exhausting than you can imagine. But there will be a 3:10 run with Viktor before I go to Skåne.”




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