The Daily Life of Johan

06/11/2015 by Morgan Carlsson


Johan is on non stop training, visits Monster Jam och awaits Father’s Day.

”The whole crew in the garage are like zombies. We had three really long days during the test in Höljes and as we could go on without any disturbances there was a lot to do, trying different set ups.”

No wreckage, that sounds like reliable equipment.

”No broken absorbers, no bent struts, not even a loose wheel bearing, nothing. And the conditions were almost perfect on the track. A little damp on Monday morning, but completely dry for the rest of the test. Incredible to get those fine conditions in Sweden in November.”

That probably gave you the chance to get some answers from the car.

”Of course, it helps us build a bank of experience. We really had the time to sort the car out. What do you get more of and what do you lose when you adjust a certain thing? For me it was valuable driving experience. It is not like being in traffic during races, but still you learn things.”

But now it’s quite relaxed before the South America trip at the end of the month.

”That feels right good actually. I have increased my physical exercise. I’ve spent some time on my mountain bike and today it's running with Victor.”

Last weekend was free…

”On Friday evening we went to a cinema in Karlstad to see the new Bond movie. It was good. Bond is always Bond, you know. On Saturday I had the whole day off, so I did absolutely nothing.”

And now another weekend without competing.

”Yes, but now I’m going to Stockholm with the Porsche and the rallycross VW to expose them during Monster Jam on Friend’s Arena. It’s a job for Bauhaus but we spend the whole weekend in the capital city, so Zandra and Colin are joining me. And it’s Father’s Day on Sunday. I might get a pair of socks, ha-ha.”

Colin has probably planned something nice for you and you might want to try and change another nappy. You tried once during his first week, but since then you have been quite absent from that occupation.

”There are others who take care of that. But I just remember one more change, so I have taken care of at least two nappies, ha-ha.”



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